We support the rights of medical staff against the Islamic regime کادر درمان، قهرمانان مبارزه با کرونا، مورد هجوم دستگاه سرکوب حکومت اسلامی

The medical staff, the heroes of the fight against Corona, were attacked by the repression apparatus of the Islamic regime

People will never forget the dedication of the medical staff in the fight against Corona in an anti-scientific government system under the Islamic dictatorship in Iran. In recent weeks, the medical staff are under the most severe anti-human pressure. The Islamic regime has targeted the medical staff’s conscience, and by bayonet force, they kidnap the wounded patients from hospitals and clinics, despite the opposition of the treating doctors, and transfer them to the dungeons of the Islamic regime. They manipulate forensic medical records with government orders and steal the bodies of the dead so that their survivors are denied the ceremony. Ambulances are used to transport repressive forces and detainees. They barricade pharmacies and control the distribution of medicines for the wounded. In a word, the Islamic regime violated all international standards with its fascist instructions and actions and even attacked the protest gathering of the medical staff with tear gas and clubs.

In tonight’s program, I have a dear guest who is a defender of women’s rights and a medical staff living in Dallas, Texas.

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