The second wave of the revolutionary movement of Woman life Freedom and Equality is coming

موج دوم جنبش انقلابی زن زندگی آزادی و برابری در راه است

The second wave of the revolutionary movement of Woman life Freedom and equality is coming

Revolutions are not the product of intellectual, theoretical or organizational activity of oppressed, exploited and discriminated people. Rather, they are the organic result of the conditions that the oppressors class can no longer rule in the previous manner and the oppressed classes can no longer tolerate the existing conditions.

With this description, the Mahsa revolution can be evaluated as an organic revolution with its own characteristics. With the arrival of the anniversary of the beginning of the first wave of this women’s revolution, and after a short breath that was imposed on it under the illusions spread by some opposition groups abroad, there was a pause in the street manifestation of the revolution. With the collapse of illusions, and regaining self-confidence in our organic forces, we are witnessing the roaring of the second wave of the revolutionary movement, a wave that has targeted the severe mockery of political Islam like a tsunami and has shaken the Islamic brand of the owners of wealth and power.

The first achievement of the emancipation of women movement in this period is that the tall wall of compulsory hijab was broken in the first wave of the Mahsa revolutionary movement. And with the collapse of the hijab, the fundamental weakness of the Islamic system was exposed for the entire society and especially for the few supporters of this medieval and misogynistic regime. The moribund Islamic regime will not be able to cover up the nakedness of the religious tyranny with any bandwagon, bill, Shari’a ruling and propaganda, and therefore the fall out of its forces will accelerate.

In the short period of breathing, women continued their struggle in breaking the daily mandatory hijab to confronting the Fatti Commandos (the equivalent of The Beast of Buchenwald in Hitler’s Germany) and did not allow the government to refresh it’s breathe during this period. Although the regime tries to save face by street maneuver of its forces, it knows very well that even on the most powerful day of the government, Ashura, it was technically beaten by the revolutionary youth and with the help of Qazvini’s poets, and its nose was smeared with dirt.

Just as the slave owners of the cotton plantations in the southern states of America knew that they owed their economic prosperity to the enslavement of the blacks and the ownership of the individual blacks, and they did not hesitate to commit any crime to maintain the system, and finally, with the uprising of the blacks, all branches of the cotton picking system were destroyed. The Islamic regime has also defined the continuation of economic, political and cultural exploitation and submission of the entire society to the Islamic slavery system to confine women to staying at home and exercising ownership over women’s bodies and minds. This is why this revolutionary movement of freedom-loving and equality-seeking men and women can and should undo the 1,400-year-old domination of Islam rule over the body and soul of the society and pave the way for the realization of a free and equal society.

We, freedom-loving and equality-seeking women and men, are calling on the activists of the women’s rights movement to, in these days, with empathy and in solidarity with the activists of the labor movement, the teachers’ movement, the pensioners, the medical staff and the student movement inside and outside of Iran, in the best possible way Demonstrations and gatherings and with consistent presence on the stage, empower the second wave of the Mahsa revolutionary movement.

Long live the revolutionary women’s movement of freedom and equality

The Organization for Emancipation of Women

July 30 2023

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